As our guests, meet one of the top licensed lion dance troupes in Singapore. They will demonstrate their skills, dexterity and teach you the meaning behind what they do. Wear a lion head or be a lion tail and create your own good fortune dance! If music is more your forte, give us a beat with the drums and cymbals. There’s something for everyone young (and young at heart!).

You will experience a super close-up of a lion dance, brightly decorated lions perform acrobatic manoeuvres, peel and rearrange oranges and vegetables into good luck symbols and run around to bless the space. They jump and prance to the beat of the accompanying musical troupe’s gongs and drums. While this spectacle is not new to many, few understand the significance behind the movements or secrets behind the art.
Our experience continues with a visit to a quaint Buddhist monastery and library, a religious paper goods shop and an Effigy shop.


2 hours


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