Explore this unique nursery that showcases over 600 types of Tillandsia hybrids and species, imported from all over the world. A friendly and knowledgeable Air Plant expert will teach you everything about this secret gem. The best part of the tour comes when you get to customise and create your own Tillandsia decoration. Using lava rocks, wood, clay figurines and the focal Tillandsia plant, create your next #plantsofinstagram piece!

Tillandsia is the largest genus of the Bromeliaceous family, a type of plant commonly found in the deserts, mountains and forests of Central and South America. An extremely exotic plant, few have knowledge of them and how to care for them. These are known as the best plants for gardens or homes as they are easy to maintain and do not require soil or potting mix. The mobile and mess-free nature of Tillandsias make them our go-to home decorations.


3 hours


Kindly advise your
preferred date and time


SGD$145/per person

Based on a group of 10 persons. We can provide pricing for smaller or larger groups upon request.


Licensed tourist guide, transport, materials for workshop, and take-home Airplant decoration

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